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A 50% of the fees is payable at the commencement of web designing in Australia under our proposal. After the completion of the work, the client should pay the remaining 50% of the fees. On the day or within a week of the completion of the project, the entire amount is to be paid to us. Suppose the client has a change of mind and wants to discontinue our services prior to the completion of the project, he should forfeit the first 50% paid.

The client should supply all necessary materials like logo, photographs or any other printed material as demanded by us. The client can make revisions to our design like minor changes as otherwise we will charge for the extra work undertaken by us.


In case the client delays the supply of materials or the project gets delayed due to inevitable circumstances, the Company will not bear the responsibility for such delays. It is also that the client should get all necessary authorities and permissions for the use of registered company logos, graphic images, trade marks and names as provided by him to be included in the website. Indemnifying us for protecting us from any legal action or claim is necessary on the part of the client.


Once the project is complete with full payment, we grant a license to you to use the website, its content and software for lifetime .We retain our ownership on unused concepts of the project after completion. WebsitePackages guarantees 100% confidentiality of the project when it is ongoing that the employees of the Company will not disclose the confidential details of the project to any other company.

Other Conditions

We have the right to sub contract any services we have accepted for the client if we find it necessary. The client should bear the extra cost of the purchase of any material which does not come under the proposal. The client is responsible for maintaining backups for his website.

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